Missoni Art Colour Exhibition

Last week I popped over to the Fashion and Textile Museum to check out the Missoni Art Colour exhibition. I love Missoni prints and their use of colour, a friend of mine has an annoying habit of being able to find amazing Missoni scarves and kaftans in TK Maxx - she has all the luck!

On the road again

Back in 2013 I gave you a brief history lesson on the classic Mini, one of my favourite cars, and I am now happy to report that my little Mini City has been fully restored and is now back on the road!

Style Muse: Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw was one of the most successful British singers during the 1960s, often described as the barefoot pop princess due to her penchant for not wearing shoes, in 1967 she was the first British act to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

More from Oxfam

I was recently sent this fab little video from the Oxfam shoot which shows us all getting ready so I thought I would do a quick post and share it with you today. Sadly you don't get to hear my lovely estuary accent ;) maybe one day I'll do a vlog or something..... (I think I would probably die of embarrassment so don't hold your breath).


The video is a great reminder of what a fantastic day and experience it was - I'm so excited to be the face of the 60s for Oxfam!