Orange Stripes

Roll necks layered under shift dresses have been my uniform this past winter. I got this gorgeous orange, blue and white crimplene off of a friend and I couldn't wait to make something with it. I made this dress in the middle of winter and rather than waiting for the warmer months I decided to wear it straight away. I wear bright colours all year round, someone's got to brighten up the office haven't they?

Lola Dress

When Love Her Madly got in touch and asked if they could send me a dress I was only too happy to oblige. LHM are a small women's clothing boutique inspired by the modernist movement of the 1960s. After a hugely successful 2014 they began expanding into stores across the UK and beyond and are now stocked in Sherry's Carnaby Street, Modfather Camden and various retro boutiques in Japan, Belgium and France.

Oxfam Vintage Face & Style

Recently, Oxfam got in touch inviting me to participate in their #VintageFaceandStyle competition. They are searching for the faces of four decades of vintage fashion with the winners being featured on the Oxfam online shop. I think I'd be quite a good fit as the face of the 1960s seeing as I've been obsessed with this decade for longer than I care to remember. I live and breathe the 60s, right down to my choice of furniture and interior design (I even have an original mini!). There is no 'other Sarah' who runs around wearing jeans and t-shirts, if you were to bump into me in the street you would find me dressed exactly how I do on this blog (I wear the dress featured below to work quite often).

A Brief History of the Classic Flap

Photo: Gray Reginald, WWD, July 24, 1973

It's no secret that I adore Chanel and I'm very fortunate to have a few bags in my collection (handbags are my thing). Today I thought I'd go into the history of the ultimate handbag: the classic flap or Chanel 2.55.